January 11, 2024

2023 Cóyotl Awards Reading List

The 2023 Cóyotl Awards reading list is now open for submissions! The reading list serves as a way to inform readers what works are eligible this awards season. This is not a nomination or a vote for a work, but rather a place to link to where folks may find it. Anyone may submit their own works or those they have enjoyed to this list.

This year, the reading list will be accomplished using a Google form. Below you will find the existing reading list and a form to submit new entries. Before submitting something to the reading list, please be sure to look if it already exists below, and ensure that the work is eligible per the award rules.

Ghost, the software that powers this site, is not stellar at embedding Google sheets, as it tries its best to resize the content to fit. If you would like to see the sheet in full, you may do so here.

Here is the form for submitting new entries to the reading list. As before, if the embed is difficult to work with you can view the form on its own here.